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Environment pre-requisite

Before proceeding with any SYNDi upgrade. Verify the following.  File or installation corruption can occur if the following is not met.

  1. All users must be logged off of SYNDi and have SYNDi not running in the background until the entire process is complete.
  2. Check the server where SYNDi is hosted at compmgmt.msc>System Tools> Shared Folders> Open Files for any opened files under the SYNDi Share.
  3. Each workstation upgrade should only be done one by one. Not simultaneously.

Upgrade installation steps for workstations

  1. Download the latest version of SYNDi Loan Manager from our website. (Installation file can be downloaded once and saved somewhere. Usually it is saved under \\SERVERNAME\SYNDi\Setup\ )
  2. Run the install and it should start an uninstall process. This is fairly generic like any uninstall. Click next till finish.
  3. Once the uninstall has been completed, run the install again. This will start to install the new version.
  4. Proceed through the onscreen instructions until you are prompted for the destination of where SYNDi will be installed.
  5. Change the destination path to be the server where SYNDi is hosted. Usually it is \\SERVERNAME\SYNDi\
  6. Proceed with the rest of the installation by clicking next till finish.
  7. Repeat step 2 – 6 on all workstations.


NOTE: Do not delete any leftover files in the SYNDi share after the uninstall step of the upgrade.