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SYNDi Investment Ledger

SYNDi Investment Ledger manages the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, short-term notes, fixed deposits and other financial instruments in an investment portfolio.

SYNDi Mortgage Manager

Has all features of SYNDi Loan Manager and manages loans funded by multiple investors. It is used to process syndicated loans and calculates mortgage broker commissions.

SYNDi Backup

A light weight tool for users to quickly backup and restore Microsoft SQL Server Database

SYNDi Loan Manager

Eliminates elaborate Excel worksheets to manage loans. Advances funds to borrowers, calculates instalments and processes payments until the loan is paid off.

SYNDi Payroll For Trinidad and Tobago

The system manages employee records, maintains payroll register, and processes payroll cycles. It generates reports, prints or emails pay slips to employees and prepares TD4 slips at the year-end.

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