Control your Loan Processing

SYNDi Loan Manager is a powerful software package that streamlines every function in loan administration. Once you set up the loan, SYNDi takes over. It funds the loan, bills the borrower, receives payments, and continues the loan life cycle until the loan is renewed or discharged.

What is  Loan Manager ?

SYNDi Loan Manager services loans funded by a single lender. It is typically used by finance and leasing companies, credit unions and private lenders.


How can  Loan Manager help ?

When a loan is set up and funded, loan installments and monthly payments are calculated until the loan is paid off. The system can generate reports, tracks missed payments, process returned checks, and creates journal entries to be exported to your accounting system. You may also link mortgage loans to real-estate properties and calculate Loan-To-Value Ratios. SYNDi Loan Manager can be used as a stand-alone application, or a multi user application. SYNDi Loan Manager can be integrated with your existing Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) system.

Product Features

Real-time Reporting

SYNDi Loan Manager allows you to monitor your books in real-time through on-line inquiries and timely reports. Borrower, Investor, and Broker statements can be generated. Detailed or consolidated reports can be generated for entries in General Ledger. Standard report writing tools can also be used with SYNDi Loan Manager to generate customized reports.

Field Customization

SYNDi Loan Manager is a parameter-driven software. It has the ability to define an unlimited number of optional fields. This allows you to customize the application to suit your business requirements. Once these fields have been setup, you can go back to add, remove or edit changes to these fields as your business requirement changes while your business grows.

Reminder Alerts

SYNDi Loan Manager has a built in reminder system that can display onscreen alerts so that you will always be on top of things.

Sage 300 Integration

SYNDi Loan Manager can be optionally integrated with the latest Sage 300 product (Accpac).

Friendly User Interface

SYNDi Loan Manager has a friendly user interface to view and manage your Loans. Our screens have been designed to be uncluttered, and display only what you need.

Open Database

The most suitable database for SYNDi is Microsoft SQL Server. However, customers with low volume of data can get by with Microsoft Access.

User Profiles

SYNDi Loan Manager has the ability to setup user profiles based on what functions you want the user to be able to perform and see.

Audit Trail

SYNDi Loan Manager has the ability to generate audit trail reports to allow you to see which user did what and when.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Adding our companion product SYNDi EFT module, it will enable you to receive borrower installments through pre-authorized payments and pay investors through direct deposits

Multiple Interest Calculation Methods

SYNDi Loan Manager has four types of interest calculation methods you could choose from to setup your loans. They are 360 Day Year, 365 Day Year, Exact Year and 12 Month Year.

Loan Terms Renegotiation

During the life of a loan, terms can be renegotiated at anytime.

Loan Documents

SYNDi Mortgage Manager can help you manage and catalog loan documents for each loan.

NSF Charge Calculation

NSF Charges can be calculated on returned borrower checks.

Billing Frequency

SYNDi Loan Manager can manage your loan billing cycle using one of the following billing frequency available. Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual.

Amortization Tables

Amortization tables can be generated based on a loan profile.

Interest and Payment Types

SYNDi Loan Manager has a variety of interest and payment types you can use to setup a Loan like Interest-only loans, interest-free loans, blended or interest only payments, fixed or variable interest rates, simple or compounded interest.

Printing Cheques

SYNDi Loan Manager has the ability to print cheques.