Manage your Portfolio with SYNDi

SYNDi Investment Ledger facilitates the administration of your investment portfolio consisting of stocks, bonds and short-term notes, and generates timely reports to provide real-time information.

What is  Investment Ledger?

SYNDi Investment Ledger manages the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, short-term notes, fixed deposits and other financial instruments in an investment portfolio.

How can  Investment Ledger help ?

In situations where you maintain investment history in General Ledger a G/L account is set up  typically for each security and is often extended to the partner level through sub-accounts for tracking purposes. The result is the chart of accounts soars to an unmanageable level. SYNDi Investment Ledger solves the problem by maintaining individual transactions while passing a simple journal entry to General Ledger. With SYNDi Investment Ledger you may set up just one or two asset accounts for investments and maintain all history within the sub-ledger, thus keeping your General Ledger clean and streamlined. SYNDi Investment Ledger can be used to maintain the history of all transactions related to the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds and short-term notes. The application can also be used to manage portfolios of multiple partners or investors in a financial organization maintaining clients’ investments.

 Investment Ledger facilitates the administration of:

◉ Stocks

◉ Money Market Fund

◉ Short-Term Notes

◉ Fixed Rate Bonds

        ◎ Simple Bonds

        ◎ Commercial Papers

        ◎ Treasury Bills

        ◎ Sinking Funds

◉ Floating Rate Notes

           ◎ Vanilla Bonds

           ◎ Floored Bonds

           ◎ Capped Bonds

           ◎ Collared Bonds

Product Features

Multi-currency Support

SYNDi Investment Ledger can maintain transactions in the currency of the general ledger (functional currency) as well as in source currency. It maintains exchange rates to convert source currency into functional currency.

Multiple Companies

There is no limit on the number of company databases or partners.



You can enter purchase and sale of stock, enter dividend, perform share split and adjustments. Current stock market value can be downloaded from Yahoo Finance.


SYNDi Investment Ledger can process the purchase of bonds, perform monthly interest accruals, process coupon receipts, maturity and sale of bonds.



Short-term instruments such as certificates of deposit (CD) and other notes can be processed by entering deposits, withdrawals and interest receipts.

Real-time Reporting

SYNDi Investment Ledger monitors your books in real-time through on-line inquiries and timely reports.

User-Friendly Interface

The screen design of SYNDi Investment Ledger has been kept as simple and as uncluttered as possible. The data-entry is facilitated by drop-down lists and calendar controls.

Microsoft Office Integration

SYNDi Investment Ledger uses Microsoft Access database from which you can export information to any module of Microsoft Office.

Sage 300 ERP Integration

SYNDi Investment Ledger can be integrated with the General Ledger in Sage 300 ERP (Accpac). When integrated, it uses and updates the chart of accounts, currencies, banks and exchange rates from Sage 300 seamlessly.

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