Sage 300 Login Sessions

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When the Sage 300 integration feature is enabled, a Sage lanpack license does not get consumed till a user triggers an integration feature that requires a Sage 300 session. When a Sage 300 session is needed, the user will be prompted with a Sage 300 login screen. Once they enter their Sage 300 credentials, it will consumes one lanpack license. Once the user closes SYNDi it will release the lanpack license.

Because of the above reason, the user should not have Sage 300 running simultaneously on the same computer while they are trying to use a Sage 300 integration feature in SYNDi. But, if they are just in SYNDi using it’s standalone features, and not using a Sage 300 integration feature they can have both on simultaneously.

i.e. during GL Transfers to Sage 300, the user should not have Sage 300 running simultaneously. But if they are looking at loan inquiry or entering receipts then they can have both running at the same time.