SYNDi Suite of Financial Applications

Here’s an overview of our financial solutions.

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SYNDi Loan Manager

A software solution that administers loans and mortgages from a single lender. The user advances the loan amount to the borrower, receives payments on monthly basis and may distribute them to investors. The system automates the loan management cycle and maintains relevant records until the loan is paid off. Our solution cuts down paperwork and saves time so that you concentrate on marketing while SYNDi takes care of managing the loan cycle.

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SYNDi Mortgage Manager

This solution contains all the features offered by SYNDi Loan Manager in addition to allowing multiple lenders and syndicated mortgage loans. Loans can be funded by multiple investors or lenders, collect installments from borrowers and distribute them to investors.

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SYNDi Investment Ledger

This investment portfolio management solution provides a more responsive, intuitive, and flexible way to track the history of all your investment transactions related to purchase and sales of stocks, bonds and treasury bills.

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SYNDi FundManager

Are you running a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) or administering any private equity instruments? SYNDi Fund Manager will do the job for you in the simplest possible manner.

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